The Landmann Ball of Fire Pit

Circumstances may necessitate the need for an outdoor firepit or heater. It could be the cold weather or just a special occasion that calls you to be together with your family members. On such an occasion, you just need to do everything to be perfect and matching your outdoor environment. When such an event comes your way, think of the Landmann Ball of Fire Pit.

This fire pit is not only unique but also attractive to blend in your outdoor surrounding, for example, your backyard. If fitted at the center of a group, it will radiate heat and light uniformly in a three hundred and sixty degrees angle, hence giving each group member sitting around the fire pit an equal visibility and heat.


The product comes in an easy to assemble parts, which can effortlessly be screwed up together in a short moment. When situated in your backyard at night, it gives the image of a dancing fireball due to the spherically made spark screen. To the viewer, it forms a fascinating scene.

Its construction
This fire pit comes in the form of disassembled parts which are later screwed up together by the user. For ease of assembling it is convenient when two people are involved. The parts are all made of steel. Assembling of the fire pit isn’t such a hard task as the package includes a manual to help the user go through the setup process successfully.

To reduce the risk of an accident in continued operation, it is preferred that it is placed on a brick, stone or even a concrete.

The fire bowl which will conveniently hold the wood measures 30 inches in diameter. This bowl size will hold just the right firewood to provide adequate warmth and light, forming a good camp fire.
The rest of the support steel parts will elevate the bowl to a safe height. Such that when coupled with the Landmann Ball of Fire Pit’s weight, it gives the product enough stability.

The overall construction of Landmann Ball of Fire employs strong and durable steel parts. The sturdiness of the portable fire pit guarantees its operation for many years or seasons. For ease of handling, stoking and refueling, the movable fire pit is fitted with a big hinge door and a great handle.

When not in use and needs to be stored safely/covered to protect it from rain and snow, the portable fire pit has a convenient cover for that purpose.

After a prolonged operation, the ashes eventually accumulate at the base and need to be removed. Thanks to the removable pan fitted at the bottom, which helps in quick disposal of the wood ashes. Thereafter the pan can then be cleaned and carefully fitted back onto the portable fire pit. As part of the fire pit, a poker also comes in useful when the logs need to be stocked.

Care and maintenance
Although the fire pits metallic parts have been carefully painted, it is in order to regularly clean it and keep it dry. The removable pan should also be occasionally detached, cleaned and dried before being fitted back. It is worth pointing out that this movable fire pit should be kept from the snow for example in a shade whenever you plan not to use it in the near feature.

After completing the assembly, before the initial use, as the manual dictates, makes sure you put sufficient sand at the bottom of the fire pit, onto which the bowl will rest. This will keep it from rust- about five pounds of sand is sufficient. For the overall product to give an attractive display and uniqueness, the parts must just fit in perfectly, for example, the lid and the bowl shouldn’t even leave out an inch of space.

However putting the metal pieces and screws together might be a little time consuming if done by one person. The fire pit should also be placed in a safe environment, for safety purposes.
But in overall, the Landmann Ball of Fire Pit forms an attractive portable outdoor fire pit. When carefully maintained it has the capacity of lasting for a longer duration. It is a must requirement for a group outdoor camping. So why not get something that gives you value for your money?