La Hacienda Naxos Tiled Firepit

Several people are finding out how nice and pleasing it can be to have a fire pit in their patio. On the other hand, if you would like to get most enjoyment from your fire pit, in that case you should think about purchasing La Hacienda Naxos Tiled Firepit. It is not a necessity that you cannot live without. La Hacienda Naxos Tiled Firepit is ... More

The La Hacienda Garden Firepit Collection

La Hacienda have been producing an incredible range of unique chimeneas, firepits and outdoor ovens or over 25 years and operate on a global scale across the UK, Europe, Australasia, North America, Asia, The Middle East and Africa. The La Hacienda brand remains family owned and run, plus all their clay chimeneas are painstakingly handmade ... More