CobraCo FB8008 Diamond Mesh Fire Pit Review

Designed to fit perfectly in your patio or garden, the CobraCo FB8008 Diamond Mesh Fire Pit adds the much needed touch of warmth. The fire pit embraces any outdoor setting; its black powder coat, applied on the steel frame, portrays a cozy, traditional style. The overall ambiance of your backyard fuses well with the pit’s diamond mesh style.

To ably withstand the hottest fires, CobraCo FB8008 features a high temperature pain finish. With it, you create larger fires more safety and almost effortlessly. The mesh exterior allows you to have an excellent view of the fire.


You Can Take the Freestanding Pit Anywhere
Weighing a mere 44 pounds, the fire pit is entirely portable; you can conveniently place it anywhere around your garden, patio or backyard. When going on a camping trip, the park or a friend’s house, the fire bowl is compact enough to carry with you. It stands at 13-3/4 inches when not covered and 17-1/2 inches when covered.

An Open Mesh Design Allowing Better Views and Bigger Fires
For utmost ambiance, the diamond mesh design provides magnificent views while containing the fire safely. 4 metal legs curve outwards gently, supporting the sturdy black steel base; on it lies the classic black-finish bowl.

To ensure maximum airflow, the base features built-in rinsers which create strong flames. Your appetizers, drinks and snacks can be conveniently placed on the 5-inch wide table-edge; the heat reaching the rest of the pit’s frame is minimized since the fire bowl operates as a separate component.

Enjoy Years of Easy and Safe Use
To ensure you and your family enjoy a hearty fire without the risk of flying embers and sparks, CobraCo Diamond Mesh Fire Pit features a wide screen; its handle enables easy handling while the high temperature paint protects the authenticity. To clean the fire bowl, simply lift and tilt it contents into the trash can.

When not in use, the vinyl cover keeps the bowl protected from the elements, rain and leaves. It also makes transporting this fire bowl easy. By following the necessary instructions and hardware, it is easy to assemble the bowl. The sturdy metal construction lasts for years.

To be on the safe side, don’t forget to check with your local town authorities on the guidelines regarding fire pits. The fire pit should never be used indoors or on flammable surfaces such as dried leaves and grass or wooden decks.

Fire Pit Tricks and Tips
In their quest to ensure this fire pit accords you seasons of entertainment, CobraCo has used the highest quality materials. However, the fire pit isn’t a hundred percent weatherproof since it’s made of metal. For you to derive the most enjoyment and life from the CobraCo pit, here are some tricks and tips;

• For a cleaner burning fire, use only seasoned hardwoods like ash or oak; they should be totally dry.
• Avoid burning food, trash and other items in the fire pit
• Once the pit cools down, remove all the ash
• To protect the fire tip’s base from excessive heat, pour a shallow layer of and on its base
• When not being used, the fire pit should be kept empty and clean and stored away to protect from the elements

1. After the initial assembly, virtually no maintenance shall be required. Though the firewood will require some attention, you won’t have to tighten lose bolts on the pit.
2. The deep model allows you to place as much wood newspaper underneath. When ready to light, a single match will keep the fire burning for several hours, allowing you to focus on other engagements.
3. The large diameter model accommodates fair chunks of wood; you won’t have to chop normal-sized firewood into smaller bits.
4. The whole unit is firm and solid; the wide base adds to the sturdiness.
5. You get a cover at no extra cost. To keep the fire pit and cover from harmful exposure, you can lay a few bricks or build a patio.

1. When assembling the parts, it might be difficult to see alignments clearly since they are all painted black. The metal edges are not comfortable and smooth like the rolled edges. A v2.0 model would be better since it could ensure all parts can only be put together correctly.
2. After months of use, the fire pit may appear burned in one spot; a steel wire brush can get rid of this.
The CobraCo FB8008 Fire Pit is bigger than it appears. The size allows you to prebuild a longer-lasting fire which you won’t need to tend constantly.